About Us

Hi, I’m Heather, Founder of Nourish You.  I’m so glad our paths crossed and I’m happy you’re here.

Nourish You was born of a need to share my passion for food, nutritional healing and the family meal.  I left my life in the corporate world in 2017, and returned home to my kiddos, Zoë and Stella, and built a business with family at the core.  Putting my family first and serving my cherished clients sets my soul on fire.


I’m a Mom, wife, entrepreneur and nutritional healer.  Along the way, I’ve been inspired to take action by my Dad’s health challenges.  Reaching out with good quality nutrition, while he recovered from open-heart surgery was a pivotal realization of the need in our community.  Now I deliver this healing to my clients, with a number of seniors and individuals recovering from critical illness receiving regular support. I’ve contributed good nutrition to their healing journey.

Serving busy families, who juggle the pressures of demanding careers with getting healthy meals on the table, is what it’s all about.  Easing the ache of the juggling act, bringing you the convenience of a Nourishing home-cooked meal is the Nourish You mission.  I too remember well, how welcome a health meal drop was when my babes were little, and I was so exhausted.  Now it’s my turn to serve new Mamas and their babes.

I believe that fueling ourselves with nourishing and wholesome food is vitally important and that the power of a family meal to reset and reconnect after a busy day is not to be underestimated.  This challenge is real for families, I know it well, and it’s my honour to serve you.  This is is Nourish You.

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