Chocolate chia pudding, layered with cherry chia jam, topped with coconut cream, berries and chocolate.
Energy bites are the perfect snack to curb chocolate or sweet tooth craving! Raisins, dates, cranberry, oat, and dark chocolate.
If you haven't changed your mind about kale yet, this salad will do it!  Kale is the powerhouse of greens, and when prepared properly is so delicious.  Healthy spin on a Waldorf Salad - kale, apples, cranberries walnut in a tangy yogurt dressing.
A classic, delicately spiced curry - soothing and warm on a cool evening. A complete weeknight meal, chicken, and veggies.  **Vegetarian option available upon request.
Basmati rice pilaf with saffron.  
Perfectly roasted root vegetables with Brussell sprouts, toasty pecans, and cranberries.  
Hearty beef and tomato broth base with ground beef, and mixed vegetables.  

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